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Lebong Island Tourism Destination

Lebong Island Tourism Destination

DESTINATION Belitung Island tourism not only in the coastal island, namely District Sijuk. However, the tourist destination of Laskar Pelangi Country is also developed on the south coast of the island. One of the attractions are Pulau Bintang and Pulau Lebong in Badau Sub-district.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Bintang Island, fish cages, snorkeling spot, mangrove forest, pearl cultivation and Lebong Island. Some of these tourist sites are packed with one travel package by the developer of the area, PT Leebong Octa Samasta.

The beauty of the area is not inferior to the area in Sijuk such as Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Pulau Batu Belayar, Lengkuas Island, Bird Island as well as several other locations. The advantages of tourist areas on the southern coast is not constrained west wind.

Tourists can visit the location through the Port of Tanjung Ru using local fishing boats. This tourist location is close to each other. Support facilities at the tourist sites are quite adequate.

Walking on the sand island in the middle of the ocean gives its own sensation in this tour. Visitors can find starfish and berselfie ria. This type of starfish in the island of sand is different from the starfish in the northern region of Belitung Island.

Spot snorkeling not far from this sand island location. Underwater beauty of Belitung waters enchant can be enjoyed in this tour package. Even tourists can also relax ria above the chart in the middle of the sea while looking at fish farming.

The developers of this region are also adding new spots, namely seaweed cultivation and coral planting. So that tourists can see up close the process of seaweed cultivation up close.

While on the island of Lebong is still natural, there are several resorts and other facilities. Staying on this island seemed to have its own island. The island is very for hanimun activities, company auting, prawedding and family.

This tour package can be enjoyed at a rate of Rp 1.5 million. Or at least 10 people with a rate of Rp 250 thousand per person. Visitors will not lose at the rate charged, given the facilities obtained by visitors is very satisfactory. (*)

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